F + E = Life – Fitness and Emotion = Your Life


F + E = Life – Fitness and Emotion = Your Life

This Life Coaching program uses your personalized fitness plan designed by your coach, along with weekly coaching sessions to not only ensure you are doing the program to its fullest, but most importantly, to get to the heart of what has held you back for so long. These weekly coaching meetings help you understand your WHY and most importantly the WHAT that has put you here. It’s time to take control of your life!

Nutritional Consulting

At the beginning of your online training journey, we will conduct a full audit of your nutrition and eating habits and make positive changes that inline with your current lifestyle. Rather than change everything about your life, which will certainly lead to failure, we work within your life to ensure success.

Exercise Program Tailored to You!

Your program will be tailored to your lifestyle – gym membership, home gym, no gym – we make a program for you, not just some cookie cutter program you can get out of a magazine. A new program every four weeks will ensure you continue getting the results you are after.

Life Coaching

Getting to the bottom of what has been holding you back all these years. These weekly 60 minute sessions help you work through the true problems that have been plaguing your results.

Talk it out, work it out!


6 Months $499/month

$2500 paid in full ($494 savings)

12 Months: $399/month

$4000 paid in full ($788 savings)