Personal Training


Personal Fitness Training

Personal Training is one-on-one fitness instruction that will take your goals, abilities, and limitations into account to build the perfect program for your needs, but at the Fitness Edge we do things a little differently. Our commitment and care to you, your goals, and your future is what separates the coaches at the Fitness Edge from all the rest. We don’t just give you a program and count reps, we coach you through every aspect of what it takes to achieve your goals, through tough days, emotional moments, and glorious victories, we are with you every step of the way.

Nutritional Consulting

At the beginning of your online training journey, we will conduct a full audit of your nutrition and eating habits and make positive changes that in line with your current lifestyle. Rather than change everything about your life, which will certainly lead to failure, we work within your life to ensure success.

Exercise Program Tailored to You

Your program will be tailored to you, not just some cookie cutter program you can get out of a magazine. The program will evolve and grow in real time as you continue to change your habits, get stronger and achieve the success you have always wanted.

Amazing Value!

No more wasting time on inefficient workouts and diets that never quite click. You work 1-2-1 with your personal coach to create a sustainable eating plan and an exercise program that delivers results. With the accountability of meeting with your trainer 2 to 3 times per week, we will successfully reach your goals faster and more effectively than ever before.

Single Session: $100

8 sessions/month: $640

12 sessions/month: $900